Terry Senior Photography


I suppose it was around 1985 when me and my brother Tony first got an interest in photography. At first it was just a normal urge to capture normal family life. We both had young families and enjoyed snapping away with a compact film camera. I was drawn to the Olympus Trip which had served my dad for many years, whilst Tony favoured the Contax/Yashica camera’s.

As our interest grow we both decided to enrol on a photographic course at the local Polytechnic college and a year or two later we both earned our diploma in photography and decided to try our hand at wedding photography.  And so “T n T Photography” was born. At first it just about payed and aloud us to upgrade our photographic equipment and even equip our own darkroom.

I returned to Leeds University to complete a degree in Computer Science which has led to me becoming adept at image manipulation and desktop publishing and more recently web design.

Although we have both gone our separate ways, Tony remaining in Leeds and I moved to London. I now fully embrace the move to digital photography but feel that my early grounding in film has served me well.

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