Hand Painted Black & White Photograph

I have recently been digitizing my families photograph albums. This has involved scanning each photograph and cataloguing it and doing any digital retouching that may be necessary using a variety of software.

The aim is to produce firstly an easily reproduced DVD of all the photographs that could be viewed on a DVD player that most people own. Also this would enable those that are interested in accessing the photographs on their own computer to create their own projects or even to add to my work.

I also think it would be nice to produce a hardbound book or books to replace the original photo albums and this would enable the whole family to have a copies for their own use.

It was during my initial work of scanning the individual photo’s and cataloguing them that I realized I would have to do some research to enable me to categories the photo’s and sort them into families, locations, occasions etc. I was soon searching Google maps for the location that the photographs where taken, On studying the photographs I was able to group individuals into family groups and get an approximate date, and at what family or other occasions the photograph was taken.

Thankfully due to modern digital photographic formats I was able to save all this information in each photographic image in the form of multiple tags, much like the type you may be familiar with on Facebook. This enabled me to sort images into various categories and produce various groupings eg. families, location, dates and events/occasions.

In studying the albums I was able glean some information from the caption that accompanied the images and the odd phone call to my mum who compiled the albums gave me more information and that information enable me to search tinternet for even more information. Before long I was becoming quit adept at digging into my families history on the many genealogy sites that are available. Before long I was hooked into the whole Genealogy thing.

Terry Senior 2014